Three, Four, and Five year old Ballet/Tap Combination


Our beginning combination class provides and introduction and preparatory foundation for our youngest students. Classes are age specific and developmentally designed to engage the students. Groups are small in size so that each child gets individualized attention and feedback


The class is a combination of ballet basics and tap, incorporating creative movement and group interaction, 


Classes are designed to be fun and introduce technique and form. Even for our youngest students, correct French terms are incorporated and demonstrated and correct steps and basic rhythyms  and timing concepts are introduced.

Students get the opportunity to see how much fun dance is, and how to do it correctly.


Proper body posture and alignment, eye-hand/eye-foot loco-motor coordination, working effectively with peers, spatial coordination, lengthening attention span, making circles, lines and other group formations.The pleasure and enjoyment of the art of dance is started at this level, and is kept with the student though all the levels they take.

Scan our Dress Code to find out what your 3, 4 & 5 year old dancers will need to wear for dance class? 

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